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Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Computer Education

Keeping in view the strides made in Information Technology, every effort is made to impart Information Technology training to the students from class IV onwards. The computer network of the school helps the children gain latest knowledge in computers. The centre serves as an Online encyclopedia, serving the inquisitive needs of both the students and teachers.

Image by Gabriel Gurrola

Fine Arts & Music

Music and Art Education is compulsory for the students from class IV to X. Besides, drawing, they are taught water- colour and oil painting etc. Depending upon their interest and talent. Classes in vocal music, instrumental music and classical dance are arranged for artistically interested students.

Acoustic Guitar


Yoga is compulsory for all students. Mass yoga is practised during games period once in a week.


The school has two well-stocked libraries. Sufficient number of books, periodicals, newspapers and magazines are provided to help students cultivate reading habit and to become updated in respect of information and knowledge. Students are encouraged to borrow books to read in their spare time besides allotted library period in the school routine. Carefully chosen books on all subjects and for all levels charismatically silence the students and teachers and slide them into deep thought.

Playing Soccer
Ready to Kick

Game & Physical

The school offers manifold training in the physical activities to the realization of the amateur's dreams and for the enrichment of their hidden talents. Physical Education is on the curriculum and special coaching after school hours is held during the games for Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball,  Badminton, Chess, Table Tennis, Kho Kho, Kabaddi & Athletics. Games and PT are compulsory for all students

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