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The Parent/Guardian will

1.        support the rules and regulations of the school.
2.        foster respect for authority, property and the rights of everyone. 
3.        instruct their children to obey all attendance regulations. 
4.        cooperate freely with the school in carrying out disciplinary action like reprimanding, suspension, or
           expulsion whenever the rules are not obeyed.       
5.        work with the school in implementing recommendations, which the school feels, is in the child's best 
6.        attend conferences as requested concerning student's progress and conduct. 
7.        timely meet their financial obligations.
8.        make certain that homework / assignments are completed in a prompt and neat manner during vacation.

The School will
  1.         provide an orderly, structured and family-like environment.

  2.         enforce the rules and regulations according to the students’ code of conduct

  3.         administer disciplinary actions fairly and in accordance with the school policy.

  4.         respect & treat all individuals equally.

  5.         keep parents informed of the academic progress and conduct of their children. 

  6.         emphasize the basic academic skills.

The Student will
  1.        demonstrate respect for authority, property, and the rights of others.

  2.        follow the rules and regulations of the school.

  3.        comply with attendance regulations

  4.        comply with the school code of personal appearance.

  5.        take the responsibility for completing all home-works.

  6.        have all necessary materials.

  7.        comply with school disciplinary policies, cordial-living policy, Emergency Management Policy, Policy for field trips and  excursions,                     Computer and Internet Access Policy, Sports & Athletics Policy, Environment     

  8.        protection  Policy and any other policy formulated by the school authorities from time-to-time.

  9.        participate fully in all activities of the school

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