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After much analysis of problems with existing set-up of advanced classes system, we have PUT IN PLACE a system in Vidya Vihar which will help student in :- cracking JEE (Main/Advanced)/NEET etc.

  1. An integrated system in which schooling and extra classes facility will be in the same  campus to avoid waste of time &  exhaustion caused by travel.

  2. Daily plan that will ease out the pressure on the time for the student - unlocking lots of extra time required for self studies

  3. Top-notch faculty from strong academic background with experience in effective JEE/NEET/CA advanced education system

  4. Same teacher for XI & XII studies & JEE/NEET/CA preparation

  5. Coordinated course system in which the education process would progress from very basic to  advance level.

  6. Synergistic and Complimentary approach to both the Board studies as well as JEE/NEET/CA preparation. 

  7. Detailed course study with maximum time advantage of a hostel.

  8. Faculty aspirant ratio would be low (1:20) for proper attention on each and every aspirant.

  9. Open feedback system in which appraisal of aspirant, faculty, management and various processes would be done regularly.

  10. Regular test (conceptual and numerical) to assess the aspirant’s grasping of concepts.

  11. Prepare students extremely well for not only JEE/NEET/CA and board exams but for all entrance exams.

  12. Rich library facility in school as well as in hostel.

  13. Teaching through model and multimedia to clarify the concepts of 3D-view.

  14. Sophisticated laboratory facilities for practical learning process.

  15. Healthy environment to avoid any kind of deviation.

  16. Extensive facilities of indoor and outdoor games for aspirants for quality recreation.

  17. Regular interaction with achievers from different fields (like IIT alumni) to motivate aspirants. Motivated minds can achieve goals with full enthusiasm. Absence of regular motivation permeates doubt in aspirants. 

This is a program which helps one achieve probably the best in everything
that a student can aspire for.

Best possible performance in JEE MAIN/NEET/CA
Best possible performance in Board Exams & 
Developing thorough and healthy personality  for  success in life

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